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A strong and efficient immune system is fundamental to the body’s health.
At Cal-C-Vita®, we use our 80 years of immune care expertise to provide you with products that help support your immunity every day.

  • Cal-C-Vita® helps your family resist infection.
  • Supports your kids' immunity for healthy growth and development.
  • Boosts your immune system to meet the challenges of active life.

Did you know?

These factors of modern-day life can affect your immune system:

Icon: crowded place

Crowded place

Icon: Smoking


Icon: High Stress

High stress

Icon: Poor diet

Poor diet

Icon: Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation

Icon: Recovery post- illness/surgery

Recovery post- illness/surgery

Icon: Common medications

Common medications

Icon: Diabetes


Icon: Ageing


Icon: Temperature changes

Temperature changes

Icon: Key occupations

Key occupations

Icon: Acute infection

Acute infection


support your immune

Your body’s natural defences work 24/7 to counter bacteria and viruses. But insufficient vitamin and minerals level can affect your immunity and your general health. That’s why Cal-C-Vita® range
of supplements help provide a strong foundation for your immune system.

Vitamin D

Activates cells in your immune system

Vitamin C

Supports your body’s natural defenses


Essential for production
of antibodies


Our products

Cal-C-Vita® Combo

Cal-C-Vita® Combo

For Adults
Vitamin C + Zinc







80 years of vitamin C expertise

In 1934, we pioneered the world’s first Vitamin C supplement, and we’ve been helping people keep their natural defenses in top shape for over 80 years. Today our range of innovative supplements helps to support your immunity every day.


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